Enduro Pet Range

Benefits of using the Enduro range of dog food products

Only the freshest raw ingredients available are used. Highest quality standards are maintained in the production process

High in meat content delivering high quality proteins and fats

No artificial colours or flavours - no preservatives or artificial fillers

100% Australian made and owned.

Enduro Complete

A maintenance kibble that meets the nutritional demands of an active adult dog - keeps them full of energy, active and healthy. The blend of premium natural ingredients (kangaroo, beef and poultry meats, wholegrain cereals and vegetables), ensures this product is of the highest quality, digestibility and palatability.

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Enduro Full Boar

As canine athletes that exert high levels of continual physical exercise, a specifically formulated fuel is essential. Enduro Full Boar has the perfect ratio of high quality proteins and fats enriched with vitamins and minerals, balanced calcium and phosphorous levels, and optimal amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids-all essential for strong healthy dogs and required to ensure your high performance dog is always kept in its peak physical condition.

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Enduro Plus

High energy levels and output over prolonged periods of time demands extra amounts of (meat) proteins and higher fat levels for energy to sustain the working dog and aid them to perform to the best of their ability.

Enduro Plus is an enriched formula containing all the essential nutrients required to meet and sustain the higher nutritional demands of active and hard-working dogs.

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Enduro Puppy

Enduro Puppy is a correctly balanced and complete kibble to give your puppy the best possible start to an energetic and happy long life. Extremely palatable and easily digestible, Enduro Puppyƕs unique formula uses kangaroo meat with extra protein and fats.

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